The F1 takes pole position in its category of reels, its sleek and low fastback body shape is a departure from outdated reel designs. The Venti 20LB 6 Disk Carbon Drag System works in conjunction with the Instant Stop Anti Reverse to put down the power and stamp out any hope a fish has at escape before being photographed. The F1 carries features never seen before in its category like the long casting Arrowhead Casting System, and Beetle Wing Side-plate that allows for rapid spool exchanges. If you want more for less this 7 bearing reel claims the top spot on the podium.

• Beetle Wing Side-Plate
• Venti 20LB 6 Disk Carbon Drag System
• MCS - Magnet Control System
• Instant Stop Anti-Reverse

• Arrowhead Casting System
• 7 Total Ball Bearings
• Trick Shop Compatible



MCS Animation_Ver2