Often overlooked, we take our small species equipment seriously. Rather than starting from heavy lumber some conventional rod, we started with a blank gifted with sensitivity surging through its veins and created the Omen P&T. It brings sensitivity and reliability with that irrefutable 13 attitudes to the otherwise safe and sensible light tackle market.

Whoever heard of a Japanese 36 Ton Toray Graphite blank, Premium Portuguese 3A Split Grip handle, and an Evolve Skeleton Reel Seat in a lightweight, performance-driven rod kitted out with Fuji Stainless Steel K Frame Guides that have Alconite inserts on a panfish/trout rod? The Omen of sophisticated species? That’s more like it – and just like that, the performance came to panfish. 


• Japanese 36 Ton Toray Graphite
• Hand Selected Premium Portuguese Split Grip Handle
• Evolve Skeleton Reel Seat

• Fuji Stainless Steel K Frame Guides with Alconite Inserts
• 5 Year Limited Warranty