At home both in open water and in the frozen tundra, the Kalon is performance proven and tested by the most rugged and rowdy anglers we have. Designed by our gurus, this reel is outfitted with a Precision CNC Cut Z Cast Drive Gear and Performance Drag so you can take on the gnarliest fish that swim. The sealed rotor and GLIDE Oscillation System keep this bad boy smooth as silk throughout extended uses. It’s time to get out there and tackle your next target.  

2 Process Drive Gear first cast from high-strength Zink Alloy and then precision CNC Machined for optimal gear geometry for ultra-smooth performance
This multi-disk lightweight drag system creates a butter-smooth payout.  The lubricated felt drag washer system focuses on performance but is capable of a very solid max drag for stopping power.  

Ball Bearing supported S-Drive Oscillation System that delivers smooth "gliding" performance.

Underneath the rotor assembly lies the critical pinion bearing and anti-reverse system.  These 2 components are critical to the smooth operation of a spinning reel and are extremely susceptible to water intrusion and debris.  This product includes a custom rubber gasket to protect these important components from environmental damage.

This product has a 6-bearing system.  

The Instant Stop Anti-Reverse is a strong and dependable workhorse. Meticulously produced and tested, you can count on this system to stop fish year after year.